NBE Pre-Intermediate Units Highlights

Unit 1 Networking

Situations: networking, small talk, attending a conference
Partner: TEDxSadovoeRing Conference

Functions: starting and finishing a conversation, complementing

Grammar: Present Simple vs Present Continuous, types of questions

In this unit the student will practice making small talk in different business situations. Оn the example of TEDxSadovoeRing Conference case the student will learn how to make the most of networking on events. In the end the student will be able to resolve real-life business communication situations: introducing yourself, networking at the Conference, talking about business and hobbies and discussing ideas.

Unit 2 Customer Care

Situations: a product/service review, a problem with a service/product, dealing with complaints effectively
Business focus: support service, client relations

Partner: Aviasales

Functions: describing functions and defects of a product, making complaints, asking about a problem, expressing sympathy, discussing options and persuading a customer

Grammar: Too/enough, too much/many, prepositions of time, modals

How to report a problem with a service or product so that customer care and support could resolve it quickly? In lessons 1–2, the student will learn how to communicate with customer service orally, write customer reviews and complaints using the example of typical problems that arise on business trips. In lessons 3–4, the student will analyze how effective customer support service works and how to respond to customer requests, using the example of Aviasales — rather famous airline tickets aggregator.

Unit 3 Project management

Situations: negotiating with clients and colleagues, scheduling, prioritizing
Business focus: project management, IT, web-site creation, outsourced contractors

Partner: ВкусВилл

Functions: stating an aim, making suggestions, negotiating conditions, creating solutions,

Grammar: first conditional, time/ concession clause, modal verbs for suggestions

In this unit еру student will learn how to talk about deadlines, timing and scheduling and will use time management techniques to prioritize your tasks. Also, the student will learn how to organize project communication and negotiate deadlines while dealing with a real-life case study from VkusVill. In the end, the student will be able to solve a real-life business situation on project management.

Unit 4 Leadership

Situations: giving instructions, chairing a meeting
Business focus: management

Partner: MADS, creative leadership education project

Functions: giving instructions, giving reasons, setting a task, making suggestions, asking for comments

Grammar: The imperative, Adverbs of manner

In this unit the student will train to chair effective work meetings, allocate tasks and resolve conflict situations in a team. The authors of the creative leading school of ideas MADS (5 times recognized as the best advertising school at the Red Apple festival) will share their experience on how to make meetings not a waste of time.

Unit 5 Career Ladder

Situations: describing achievements, asking for a raise and promotion, first day at a new job
Business focus: marketing, product management

Functions: giving advice, clarifying, suggesting, accepting and rejecting ideas, showing somebody around, explaining a procedure, stating aims, evaluating options, referring forwards and backwards

Grammar: Present tenses, conjunctions and linking words

In this unit the student will get ready to make a successful career and learn to speak about achievements, to negotiate a promotion and a raise.

Along with this the student will practice giving and responding to advice, suggesting, accepting and rejecting ideas. In the case study lesson there will be a real story of successful career in product management.

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